Demographic And Biographical Of A Social Worker Who Advocate For The People

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Demographic and Biographical
According to Hoefer, advocacy is a word with many definitions. In the social work, it is defined as shielding, intervening, supporting or recommending a course of action on behalf of one or more individuals, groups, or communities, with the goal of securing or retaining social justice. Today this writer will present an interview with a social worker who advocate for the people. The interviewer conducted the interview with Donald Sinclair. He reports being involved in social service for the past seven years. He reveals that he obtained his undergraduates at Florida Atlantic University in 2006. He has since been directly involved with individual therapy part-time and his main focus is more on the administrative. He shared his master degree in social work was completed at Barry University back in 2014. While working on his master degree, he got involved in advocacy for individual therapy.
Donald Sinclair is a Director of corporate compliance for Banyan Health Systems. Has a director his duties entail working with individuals who are severally mild mentally ill. The services provided are types of services to those with mildly to severe mental illness and co-occurring disorders. They service individuals (child to adult) and/or families. Services range from psychiatric services (medication management); outpatient individual therapy, group, family therapy; psychosocial rehabilitation; inpatient crisis. Stabilization; residential levels 2 and 3…
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