Demographic And Epidemiological Issues Of India

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3.1 Demographic & epidemiological issues: Major problem in India is infectious diseases as well as chronic degenerative diseases. The former is related to poor implementation of the public health programs, lack of awareness and the latter to demographic transition with increase in life expectancy. Economic deprivation in a large segment of population results in poor access to health care. Poor educational status leads to non-utilization of health services and increase in avoidable risk factors. India faces high burden of disease because of lack of environmental sanitation and safe drinking water, under-nutrition, poor living conditions, and limited access to preventive and curative health services. Lack of education, gender inequality and explosive growth of population contribute to increasing burden of disease. In the last decade, government has increased expenditure to improve the environmental sanitation and public awareness to deal these issues, but simply it is not enough to benefit to all the areas. Lack of awareness is a problem which is faced in building access to healthcare. Mass awareness is important since even if the treatment is free, unless the masses are educated and informed about the symptoms of the diseases, its repercussions and complications and finally the treatment available; there is no guarantee that people will avail these. Besides this, lack of health insurance and its low penetration causes further challenge towards access to healthcare.
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