Demographic Characteristics In Research

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The methodology that we adopted in the present study consists of first our research site, then the population and afterwards the sampling and analysis method.
2.1 Research Site
Our research site was Collège Privé MBF d’Abobo.” This school of secondary education was at its first participation as an examination center in July 2017. The management of the school made available 25 classrooms in order to welcome all the candidates of the “baccalauréat 2017”.
2.2 Research Population
A total of fifty proctors were assigned to the exam center. For the present research, twelve of them were available for the interview that took place at the end of the exam. They consist of two accountants, two secretaries, one office clerk, four
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In clearer terms, proctors accept to scarify their time and effort at proctoring to expect being selected for the grading of exam copies.
3.1.3 Implications on Proctoring in General
The fact of being a non-remunerated activity makes it non attractive to the majority of public school teachers, who refuse to participate.
3.1.4 What Might Compel the Private Staff Accept what the Public Staff Refuse?
The proctors from private schools revealed that their colleagues from public schools are too rich to accept to work for almost a month to earn the equivalence of USD 100. To our question “why do you accept such a small amount?” the following verbatim summarizes all their ideas:
« Est-ce que nous on n’a le choix? Moi, j’ai ma maitrise, avec ça, on me paye 60,000 par mois parce que y a pas travail. En plus, Mai, Juin, Juillet, Aout et Septembre, pas de salaire. Je vis comment si je refuse l’argent ? Eux, ils sont à l’aise avec leur gros salaire que l’Etat leur donne tous les mois. Ils vont faire quoi avec l’argent de bac? »
The English translation gives approximately the following:
“Do we really have the choice? With my masters’ degree I’m paid cfa 60,000 monthly because there are no jobs. Besides, I’ve no salary in May, June, July, August and September. How to survive if I refuse money? As for them, they are at ease with the big salary that the government pays them every month. What do they

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