Essay on Demographic Factors Research

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Demographic Factors Research
University of Phoenix
Managing in a Cross-Cultural Environment
October 19, 2009

Organizations around the world are experiencing the effects of cultural and global diversity. Kellogg, Starbucks, McDonald’s, and Arbor are four companies introduced in this paper. They have been researched in order to identify how each company is affected by demographic factors, how these factors are managed, and what systems are implemented to enhance the success of the business; thus, this paper illustrates the key course concepts and their application to the best practices of these companies. The dynamics and dimensions of diversity in an increasingly
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While remaining a superior global food company, Kellogg’s management realized that they had to have the strongest possible resources to support their business growth in a diverse and competitive environment (Kellogg, 2009). Likewise, Starbucks is managing its competition challenges; the current economic conditions are factors that Starbucks needs to consider in order to market the new products to preserve its clientele and bring in new customers. Hence, Starbucks is wise to use the four P’s model; Price, Product, Place, and Promotion, to determine the course of action best suited to stay ahead of the competition. To be clear, both Kellogg and Starbucks are managing the effects of postmodernity; that is, “postmodertnity describes our time and situation—today's world in flux, with people on the move who have learned to manage multiple identities depending on place and context” (Kottak & Kozaitis, 2003, Ch. p. 29). To manage the influence of postmodernity within the context of demographic factors, Kellogg and Starbucks are implementing strategic approaches to aid them in their success involving global and cultural diversity. For example, Kellogg committed itself to developing a comprehensive and ground-breaking supplier diversity program. This program was to cultivate strategic procurement relationships with W/MBE-owned, controlled and operated
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