Demographic Transition

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Pol Pot Name: Tutor: Course: College: Date: Introduction Pol Pot was a young man who led the Khmer Rouge. Being a leader of the Khmer Rouge, Pol Pot led a rebellion alongside the regime of Cambodia. Due this, he was, therefore, elected leader of Cambodia in the year 1975. Pol Pot’s leadership was cruel, harsh and brutal. For instance, he confidently commanded civilians to move out of towns and cities into the country side. When they discarded his command, he forced them to move. This led to the creation of several camps and farms in the country side. However, the increased movement of people into the country side led to the accumulation of starvation and death of around half a million civilians (Weltig,…show more content…
He, therefore, continued with his cruelty and brutality. Pol Pot relied on coercive power in leadership. He used threats to influence his people to do what he desired. He forced his people to submit to his demands and command. For instance, pot used the threat tactic to force his people to move from the cities into the country side. During the war between his revolutionary army and the Vietnamese representatives over the disputed border and islands in Thailand, he forced his people into the army. He used threats to influence them. Similarly, Pot also used the threat tactic to influence young teenagers to remain his followers (Ganeri, 2010). Dictator Pol Pot held goals of attaining independence in Cambodia. He was also determined in making both social and economic reforms in Cambodia. However, he did not achieve his goals. This was due to his fall in the year 1978. The effects of his poor leadership were the major causes of his fall. Based on the behaviorism approach, a leader should portray good characters that are beneficial to his people. Good behavior is rewarded while bad behavior is punished (Chandler, 1999). Therefore, his behavioral consequences were punished because he failed in his leadership. Due to his harsh and brutal leadership, revolts were made against him. As a result, he lost power before achieving his goals. Therefore, good leadership traits and behavior would lead pol to achieving
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