Demographics And Diseases Trends May Influence The Delivery Of Health Care Services

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The writer will discuss in this essay about, “Demographics and Diseases Trends likely to influence the Delivery of Health Care Services.” Starting with the age group population in the United States at ten to twenty years, then obesity, and then the future to adapt to the health care services. However, the factors that can identify are the environment support and change of trends. In the passage, the writer will talk about aging obesity, and the future of the health care provided. The common diseases examples that will be listed and the aging, obesity, and the delivery of healthcare services that will increase and decrease for numerous of health concerns that an individual can reduce as one age. The average life span for over the next twenty years and fertility will, later on, be declined in the world as individuals know it as of now. ("Aging", 2003) “The number of growing adult’s increases, due to the health system.” The demographic declines fertility clinics so that infant and childhood rates can decrease while the adults increase and get more health problems. ("What Environmental Factors Influence Aging", n.d.) “The sun is one of the causes of a person skin to age and decrease the skin to become elastic like a rubber band.” For instance, the sun can cause a person to develop spots on his or her skin. The spots on the skin are now skin cancer from the individual going outdoors and not having their skin covered with sunscreen then Aloe Vera gel when out of the sun. By 2030,
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