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used to categorize the photographed individuals. Male photographs of university faculty representing African American, Asian, Hispanic, and white racial/ethnic categories were used to alleviate gender and other impression biases.
Regarding demographic information, white (n=4) and African American (n=3) participants made up 70% of the responses. Responses also included 20% from Hispanics and 10% Asians. Female participants outnumbered males 60% to 40%. The distribution of participants is comparable the university demographics. Regarding Mean Education Attainment, the photo individuals had an overall average of 2.80 (range = 1-3). The results suggested that respondents felt the photographed individuals were more likely to have a
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I am a FSU student currently enrolled in a Methods of Social Research Course. I am conducting a short survey for a class assignment about socioeconomic status. Your participation in this study will help me to better understand the importance of this social issue. Completing this survey should only take a few minutes and I will not record your real name or any other identifying information that may relate to your survey. Participation in this survey is also completely voluntary and you may stop at any time.
Are you an active Florida State University student?
Would you be willing to take a few minutes to fill out a survey? Thank you! If your respondent agrees to participate in your survey, you must verify that they are 18 years or older. Ask them directly:
Before we begin, I will need to ask about your age. Are you 18 years or older? If they answer “yes,” then continue with your survey. If they answer “no,” then thank them for their time and end the survey immediately.
Upon completion, please fold the form and put in the “Survey Box.”

Debriefing statement after survey completion:
The question I am attempting to answer is, does race/ethnicity affect an individual’s perception of a person’s socioeconomic status?

Appendix B
Please estimate the individuals in the photographs as follows:
What do you believe is
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