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DEMOGRAPHICS Demographics in the true essence of the word means the records of the human population in a country. This includes the country’s population density, ethnicity, education level, health, economic status, religious affiliations, and other aspects of the said population. In some commonly used demographics gender, race, age, income, disabilities, educational attainment, home ownership, employment status, and even location are also included. Also called demographic data, these are the characteristics of a human population as used in government, marketing and opinion research. POPULATION CONTROL. If you write these two words independently, these two are mere non-malicious, simple words, however if we join these…show more content…
China, for one adopted this policy in order to curb population growth. We all know that China has the highest population in the world, encompassing 1.2 billion or twenty one percent of the world's population. They know too well that if this would continue to grow, they will be having serious social and economic problems. As a solution, in the year 1979, Chinese authorities create a one-child-per-family policy and because male children are often regarded as more economically valuable, female infanticides increase. Infanticides are often regarded to as an inhumane act especially to us Christians however in primitive people; this thing is not new to them. Many Asian and European countries engaged in this act to prevent the population growth in their nations. Because of the ONE-CHILD-POLICY, China was able to control its population. They are considered to have the highest population rate not just in Asia but in the whole world and so this policy is more or less favorable to them. This policy was said to have been the reason why they were saved from famine and other economic disability. However, in smaller countries like Japan, this policy was effective during the first years of implementation but later on become a hindrance in the progress of their country. Japan, just like China adopted this policy to prevent the growth of their population. Now, however they feel sorry that they had implemented this policy because now, they have the what you
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