Demographics of the Aging Population

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Running head: DEMOGRAPHICS OF THE AGING POPULATION Demographics of the Aging Population University of Phoenix Health Care Consumer - Trends and Marketing HCS-490 Ann Fairchild July 31, 2011 Demographics of the Aging Population The aging population is one the most rapidly increasing issue across the nation today. According to demographic data, it has been gradually developing over the last two hundred years. It has become a factor in many countries. The aging population is a result of declining humanity, longevity, and decreasing fertility with fewer young people. As the population ages there will be a major strain on the budget of the government, because more health care service are being used by people of sixty-five than…show more content…
A wellness program can be done at home costing very little to nothing extra, whereas, without the wellness program the diabetic would end up on expensive medication and needing to see their doctor on a regular basis and may even be hospitalized or result in having a limb removed or loss of vision. This means, without the wellness program, a chronic illness can become very costly. When it come to the demographics of the aging population on the marketing needs and service, patient access to care and satisfaction sometimes suffers. Providing refined services to the patients brought on new pressure for advancement. Unlike health care, the cost of production decreased with technology improvements in other industries. Health care organization has been faced with large capital expenditures in order to keep up with technology to provide better health care services. Physicians and hospitals have had to find ways to provide services and technologies that is more cost effective. There have been times that a patient has been handed off from department to another and from one specialist to another with little regards to the patient’s understanding. Patients have had to wait longer to see the doctor. Addressing the challenges that the aging population is facing has become more signification as time expands. The need for more health care will increase as the
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