Demon and Meredith

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Inas M. Mohamed

Professor Erin McMillan

English Composition 102

February 6 2010

Limitless Pictures, infinite memories.

“Demonology,” touching story by Rick Moody, portrays the life of his beloved sister Meredith as he reminisces through chronologically fragmented snapshots and photos, recollecting significant moments in her life. Moody pushes the boundaries and uses the conventions of both a short story and a memoir in order to have more freedom illustrating his sister’s life. In addition, not defining the text is a strategy Moody uses to his advantage because it allows him to go beyond a mere representation of the past. Moody narrates vivid, concrete descriptions as if he was right there, when in actuality he
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Pointdexter having a seizure was a way for Moody to open up to the climax and foreshadow his sister’s death. Although Pointdexter and Meredith are both compared to demons, Moody still sympathizes with his sister and towards the end of the story says "….I shouldn't say her life was short and often sad (239)". This comes to convey that no one is perfect and that everyone, especially family member comes with flaws and imperfections that we should tolerate and accept.

Throughout the story, Moody talks about Meredith enduring a tough life, filled with worries, bills to pay, and responsibilities to take care of. He describes a snapshot photo of her in a Superman outfit, which he relates to being a Supermom outfit as she accepts her role of raising the kids, working hard, and growing old, yet still feeling happy. She appears to be a resilient character, which is shown through her love of taking photographs. The narrator sympathizes with her, because she barely had enough sleep yet her time and effort for her children was priority. She accomplished so much in her life, she was musically talented, managing to fit time to start a band on top of all her other responsibilities. Moody describes, "as she played the guitar in the late sixties with her hair in braids; she played it before anyone else in my family, wandering around the chords, "House of the Rising Sun"or "Blackboard," on

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