Demonology, Criminology, the Pathological Perspective, and Sadism

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Demonology, Criminology, the Pathological Perspective, and Sadism No matter what happens in our lives, our bodies will always be surrounded or involved in numerous acts of deviance. Whether someone acts under the influence of the devil, or if we do something to bring pleasure to ourselves, something will be seen as deviant behavior. Whether it is caused or chosen, deviant behavior is a regular part of life. Every deviant has logic behind his or her behavior. Whether they do it for power, control, hatred, or anger, there is some type of reasoning for their actions. Why demonic deviants seen as evil? Why is sadism silenced? Why is deviance looked at as a bad thing? Demonic deviance rose in the middle as a way to describe those who were…show more content…
After Marvin Wolfgang’s research, many see the point of the idea of the three-strike system, only severely punishing criminals after their third felony. California, who was one of the first states to adopt this law, saw their crime rate significantly drop within a decade. Since then many other states have adopted the same system. The theorists in today’s society are deciding that we should resort to deterrence, and rational punishment as opposed rehabilitation. We are resorting the ideas of James. Q. Wilson, who believes that deviants know that if they’re caught they will be punished. This is Wilson’s “new realism” (Images of Deviance and Social Control 84). Even more prevalent though, in today’s society is the pathological perspective. A large amount of medical discoveries are being made today to help prevent, or control diseases. People are starting to become more and more comfortable with the idea of the pathological perspective. One of the most recent findings is hyperkinesis. A child who experiences symptoms such as “hyperactivity (excessive motor activity), short attention span, and restless or fidgety behavior” is to be diseased rather than bad (Images of Deviance and Social Control 146). Even cures for small pox and polio have been discovered. Today, more and more research is being funded in order to find the causes to deviance. The pathological perspective is the most accepted theory for deviance today. Deviance

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