Demonstrate Your Understanding Of The Teacher’S Role In

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Demonstrate your understanding of the teacher’s role in engaging children fully and actively in the learning process
“Mankind owes to the child the best it has to give…” (The opening words to the United Nations’ Declaration of the rights of the child)
Teaching has been one of the oldest services to society in any culture. The base of any nation and culture is established by preparing the human resource, mostly through formal methods of education, which eventually lends towards nation building. Due to its great ‘moral’ potential to impact an entire generation, formal education has always been valued by social institutions especially governments and civil societies. Thus, the role of a teacher came to be looked upon as a ‘noble’
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 factors that contribute to creating a positive, safe and stimulating learning environment (school experience and readings).
 the importance of making learners aware of how to learn (metacognition) and thus engage them fully and actively in the learning process (role of assessments for learning and school experience)
My Rationale- Importance of the role of a teacher: Classrooms today reflect a progressive, ‘constructivist’ and child-centered model of school instruction as against a traditional, teacher-led, learning by rote, ‘front-of-class-style-of-teaching’ generation to which I belong. Teachers of today are professionals who are now expected to not teach in that sense- its more to do with acknowledging and understanding the fact that learning is a life-long process and ‘to offer children the benefit of that understanding’ ; ‘they need to build and develop a capacity for change and risk’ (Hargreaves, 2003) , and learn new ways to teach. They are trained to ‘build special knowledge of professionalism’ which in my understanding means to be reflective ‘change agents’ who need to ‘bridge’ the past, present and future; make meaningful connections between the traditional and the innovative in order to constantly adapt to the process of change in modern society.
For our introductory PGCE session in early September 2016, the key note was delivered by Kate Frood, Head teacher of Eleanor Palmer. One of the ideas shared by her on the significance of the role of a teacher
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