Demonstrate Your Understanding of Undertaking a Learning Needs Analysis.

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Demonstrate your understanding of undertaking a learning needs analysis.

I. Explain three reasons why learning and development needs may arise in your own organisation. Include examples for individual and group needs.

|Individual |Group |
|New role / Job change |New product / equipment |
|New system / technology |Change of regulation / legislation |
|Change of policies / procedures |feedback
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III. Compare different methods of meeting learning & development needs for individuals and groups. Compare a minimum of 2 methods for individuals and groups.

Different methods of meeting L&D needs for individuals: Appraisal: This is a method that we currently use in my organisation. It is fundamental as it helps all of us understand what is expected of us and how we can develop our skills.

Assessment and Development Centres: Are places where members of staff will go to assess their skills, knowledge and behaviours required by the job.

Although our organisation is at an early stage of using Assessment and Development Centres, we launched our first Gateway assessment in February; this was designed for Executive Officers staff wishing to apply for higher position. If a candidate successfully passed the tests he/she will be able to apply for High Executive Officers roles despite the fact that he/she still has an EO position. This method only helps organisations to determine and match people skills, knowledge and behaviours with a specific role; it also helps to identify learning needs on those who was unable to achieve the tests to the required level. This is why Appraisal is a fundamental method for my organisation not only because it provides us with a clear picture of what is expected of us and how we are performing against these expectations, also helps identify relevant learning & development

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