Demonstration and Laboratory Method of Teaching in Nursing

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DEMONSTRATION INTRODUCTION The demonstration method teaches by exhibition and explanation. Although it is sometimes used to refer all illustrative teaching, the term demonstration usually is taken to mean explanation of a process, as opposed to exemplification of the object itself. One of the advantage of demonstration is that it trains the student in the art of careful observation, a quality which is so essential to a good nurse. The demonstration method in itself is learning through observation; it uses several senses. A second advantage of demonstration is its concrete quality. The student not only can hear the explanation, but also can see the procedure or process. As a result, the demonstration method projects a mental image in…show more content…
* Understand the entire procedure. * Have the equipment ready in an orderly manner. * Outline the steps. * Rehearse the demonstration. * Arrange for proper lighting. * Make proper seating or standing arrangements. Performance phase * State the objectives to the learner. * Motivate them by explaining why the skill is important. * Demonstrate the total skill at normal speed. * Write the sequence of steps on the chalk board or give a checklist for steps of the demonstration. * Demonstrate each part skill slowly, in the correct sequence. * Avoid the use of negative examples and variations in technique. Evaluation * Obtain feedback by questioning and observation of non verbal behavior. * Clarify doubts. * Provide opportunity for return demonstration. * Provide verbal rather than physical guidance. * Make the environment psychologically safe by providing a friendly atmosphere and constructive criticism. * Remember that learners will acquire the skill at different rates, so individualize the planning to cater for the fast and slow learners. * Replace all the articles. ESSENTIAL CHARACTERISTICS OF A GOOD DEMONSTRATION Every step of a well conducted demonstration should be understandable and exemplary of the best possible procedure which might be used under the circumstances. It should allow for reflective and critical thought as the demonstration proceeds. The following principles are applicable to

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