Demonstrations of the Power of Dictators in Anthem by Ayn Rand

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Anthem by Ayn Rand demonstrates that Dictators are all powerful and will do anything to keep that power.
Dictatorial leaders have multiple reasons for separating children from their parents and family. Some reasons may include if they are taken from their families young they won’t remember their life with their families and won’t try and break the rules to find them. Another reason children may be taken from their families is to make sure that the parents and relatives do not tell them things that the leader does not want them to believe. A final reason that the dictator would take a child from their family is to keep them from becoming more advanced than they want them to. There are many other reasons why dictators may do this which will be explained. Children taken from their parents at young ages do not remember who their parents are or what they looked. Dictators take the children at that age for the very reason that the kids will not want to look for their parents because the child does not know what his or her parents look like. An event similar to that happened in Anthem whenever the kids would be taken from the mother after they were born and were sent to his or her first home until they would be old enough to start school. Making the kids constantly change homes…
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