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Running Head: Demonstrative Communication

Demonstrative Communication Paper
Fabiola Nevarez

Demonstrative Communication Paper
We all have different ways of expressing how what we are thinking and feeling while communicating with others. We communicate verbally and non-verbally, written or visual. Demonstrative communication is defined as the process of sending and receiving messages and involves, exchanging thoughts, messages or information. One of the most common ways to communicate non-verbally is with our body language and facial expressions. For example, when someone is tired, he or she will normally yawn and stretch their arms. This type of body language could be perceived as tiredness by others. Body language
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Another form if demonstrative communication is the tone of voice we use while communication verbally. As the receiver, it is important we pay close attention to tone of voices used in conversation, not just what is being said. Sometimes, people like to be sarcastic, even in the workplace. This is an instance where we must really use our demonstrative communication to use in order to understand the verbal message that is being delivered. The sender may be trying to communicate one thing by saying the complete opposite by their tone of voice. For example, the day after a long holiday weekend, I asked one of my peers how she felt to back at work. She responded “It feels great.” Her tone was very dry, monotone, and sounded as if she forced the words out her mouth. This led me to believe she was not very happy to back in the office. If she would have said the exact same words, but with an upbeat and lively tone, I would believe her response was genuine and that she is truly having a great day. Tone of voice and body language often work together. For instance, if a person has their hands on their hips, head to tilted, and their weight shifted to one side, and says “You are so right” in a lethargic tone, I know he or she does not truly believe I am right. If the tone is overly excited and high pitched and does not have an authentic feel, then this is
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