Demonstrative Essay

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Demonstrative Communication Demonstrative communication includes nonverbal and involves such things as status, space, touch, eye contact, facial expressions, and body language. It also includes unwritten communication, which is to speak and includes actual words, intended and inferred meanings, time and place, vocal inflection and. tone. These signs of communication depending on how perceived by the receiver from the sender can be positive or negative, effective or ineffective. The demonstrative communication process involved when used correctly will ensure proper listening and responding. Unwritten Communication Unwritten communication is the verbal way to get your point across or seek understanding from sender to receiver. It is…show more content…
Without this key ingredient the whole process from sender to receiver can not and will not work. Conclusion In conclusion Mehrabian (1971) found that the effectiveness of a message was 7% verbal, the words, themselves; 38% vocal paralinguistic, tone, inflection, verbal pauses; But 55% of the messages effeteness was in non-verbal communications. Eye contact, posture and body orientation, gestures, facial expressions, and proxemics are all types of non-verbal communications. There are so many different areas of the communication process, so when sending a message if we want to be positive and effective it is vital that there’s a clear message from sender to receiver in all the different aspects and make sure we demonstrate good listening and
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