Demonstrative Speech on Cpr Essay

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Introduction Attention Getter: What if one of your friends just fell to the ground because they couldn’t breathe, would you know what to do, could you perform CPR if it was needed? It is said by the American Heart Association that sadly 70% of Americans do not know how to do CPR, or they just don’t remember how. Central Idea: I want to inform you all that knowing CPR is very important. Preview of Points: Today we will explore the right ways to perform CPR, when you should and should not do it, and why you should learn it and become certified. Credibility Statement/Tie to the Audience: I have worked in many summer camps as a lifeguard so it was required for me to learn j Transition: First. Body 1. We will talk about when…show more content…
a. We call it “CAB,” C-Circulation, A-Airway, and B-Breaths b. First make sure, the scene is safe and then have someone to call 911. c. Next we will start on the first letter, “C” which is circulation. In order to determine if the victim's heart is beating, place two fingertips on the right place in their neck to check the pulse, and apply slight pressure for several seconds, then we will start COMPRESSIONS. i. When performing chest compressions, proper hand placement is very important. ii. Place your hands in the correct position in the frontal area of the victim. iii. Place one hand on top of the other and hook the fingers. Lock your elbows and using your body's weight, compress the victim's chest. iv. The compressions should be at least 2 inches v. Count aloud as you compress 30 times at 3 compressions for every 2 seconds or approximately 100 compressions per minute. d. Then we will start on the second letter, which is “A” the AIRWAY. i. Put the person on his or her back on a firm surface. ii. Kneel next to the person's neck and shoulders. iii. Open the person's airway using the head tilt-chin lift. iv. Put your palm on the person's forehead and gently push down. v. Then with the other hand, gently lift the chin forward to open the airway. vi. Check for normal breathing, taking no more than 10 seconds: Look for chest motion, listen for breath sounds, and

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