Demonstrative Speech on Making a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

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This is my attempt on a demonstrative type of speech.

Hello to everyone and welcome to the forum this evening. Tonight we are going to be talking about how to make the perfect peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I know, it has been done many times but you know what, its fun and delicious.
Before we start making this sandwich, please make sure you are in the kitchen, we don’t want anything ending up in a toilet or even on Moms brand new sofa. You can take your choice of where you want to be in the kitchen, either at the table or the counter, which ever you prefer. For the sake of keeping everything clean, I am using a paper towel but may use a plate for your sandwich to rest on. So right now please take a plate or paper towel and set it
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Now here comes a tricky area, remember that spoon I told you to pull out, this is where it can become useful so listen close, for those who are watching their weight, counting calories or even watching their fat, use the cupped part of the spoon to get a tablespoon of peanut butter out and smear this on the bread, it will stick to the spoon so you may need to use your finger to get the rest of the peanut butter off the spoon….now pop peanut butter finger in mouth and lick off…. Sorry just being funny. For those who really don’t care how much goes on the bread, pick up the butter knife, dip it in the peanut butter and pull out as much as you would like and smear it on the bread also. Now with the flat part of the spoon and the flat edge of the knife, smear that peanut butter around so that all the bread is covered, keep spreading out, great!
Now lets put the spoons and knives down, pick up the top to the peanut butter and put the top back on the jar, I believe this time it is turning it right, just tighten it on down.
Now we are going to grab our jar of jelly, for me it is sugar free strawberry jam, but for anyone else, whatever it was that you preferred. Once again, open the jar of jelly and set the lid on the table. This step is done exactly like it was done with the peanut butter, grab wither your knife or spoon and pull out the jelly, now jelly can be a bit tricky and
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