Den Handelre a Sdo Amsd LksalæKdfl Akæ K AklsæD Fn

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Københavns åbne gymnasium Engelsk B eksamen, 26 maj 2015 Analytical essay on: “Number Three” Have we achieved the equality between men and women? Many of us would say we have achieved that long time ago and that women have same rights as men. Today the only difference would be the sex organ. But all that is happening mostly in the western world. There is still women repression but indirectly. Especially in countries like China. Western men will go to china because they have the opportunity to live the role of a man controlling over a woman. The short story “Number Three” written by Anna Metcalfe, 2012, we follow a lady named Miss Coral at work and how she looses her job at end. The story…show more content…
Even though she is accepting it because she has no other option, if she looses her job she will have no money for the family and herself. The caption of the story defines this problem as well, number three. When the director received the letter from Mr. James he asked her to leave just because she is number three in this business and she is less important. In the letter Mr. James notes that he has photographic evidence that will make the director have a stronger reason asking her to leave. Sadly today there are women still going through these issues, because we still cannot leave the thought of men controlling over women. When a man sees a woman in need he utilise her situation, therefor we have not achieved the full equality between men and women yet, all over the world. 864 words. 2 thomas, Dette dokument er en personlig udgave hentet fra, og det er ikke tilladt at dele dokumentet med

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