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Denali’s Wolves
For many years my family and I have traveled around the country to visit our national parks and view the wildlife they protect. I’ve been from Hawaii to Maine to the Virgin Islands. My favorite memories as a child are those of camping with my family in these national parks. One of the few parks I have not had the pleasure of visiting is Denali National Park in Alaska. Last year while reading a magazine, I learned of something that troubled me very much. There was an article about wolves and how you can see them living in their natural habitat just by driving through the park. After reading this article, I wanted to visit Denali and see these amazing creatures, but these wolves are being slowly
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Denali National Park is home to the majority of our nation’s and the world’s most frequently viewed wolf population. This summer alone 30,000 tourists experienced these wolves without even leaving their vehicles. Denali is Alaska’s number one tourist attraction, and covers more than 6 million acres. It began as Mt. McKinley National Park in 1917, but wasn’t until 1980 that the name was change to Denali National Park. People travel to Denali to view Mt. McKinley (America’s highest mountain) and its famed wolves.
Wolves are amazing creatures that stack up to be more than your average canine. Wolves can stake claim to territories recorded to be over 800 miles. Average wolf packs usually consist of 8-10 wolves, but one Denali pack recorded 27 members plus 3 pups. They have the ability to hunt caribou, moose, Dall sheep, beaver, and ground squirrel. They use howling and scent marking to scare of rival packs. They also show us their rank in the pack by the position in which they carry their tale. They accomplish all this with a brain twice the size of a domestic dog, and extremely developed social skills. Not only are these wolves the most famous in the world, one group is the world’s oldest known family lineage of any nonhuman social vertebrate in the wild.
These wolves belong to the Toklat wolf pack. They are the first group of wolves to be studied in their natural habitat and are of major scientific significance. They have been seen and

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