Dendrite Experiment

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Abstract: The experiment was performed to test on rats to investigate between their interaction and socialization of the rats on how certain groups or individual interact. Some problems that were addressed are the miss calculation of the dendrites when drawing a dot to each dendrite that touches or crosses the circles. Another problem is how the cell bodies were set on the circle grid. The overall conclusions is during experiment three which it has twelve rats and toys were found to be the highly interacting and sociable groups. The less interact and sociable is experiment group one. It only has one rat and no toy. Introduction: The study is being done to test how the rats ability to socialize, interact between other rats. Relevant background…show more content…
Draw a dot as each dendrites crosses the circle 3. Repeat the process for each cell and count the dendrites. There are a total of four experiments. 4. Graph the dendrites using a bar graph. Graph the control the control then experiment. Label with colors, the number of rats, with toys or no toys and the cage size. Results: Control group with three rats and no toy, the highest dendrite is 19. Experiment one with one rats and no toy, there were not much interaction and socialization. Experiment two with one rats and toys, the highest dendrite is 14 and it decrease due to socialization. Experiment three is with twelve rats and toys, the highest dendrites are 18. The rats were socialized and interacted between each others. Experiment four with twelve rats and no toys, the highest dendrites is 13. There was socialization between the rats but no interaction. Discussions: The result was if there were more rats and toys then there will be more interaction and more socialization. The data does support the original hypothesis due to the results presented. The fewer rats and no toys will result in less interaction and socialization. And more rats the more the interaction and
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