Denial Of Equal Protection Based On Status Of Disabled Child

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Denial of Equal Protection based on status of disabled child resulting in wrongful death, and status of of mother as female protective parent, Fourteenth Amendment; Denial of Family Rights is one of 12 charges in the some 60 page federal filing. The complaint reports several agency failures. Laguna Beach Police Department There were 26 police reports filed involving the deceased, Ethan Cook and his younger brother, all while in the sole physical custody of their father Kenneth Alan Cook. The police reports include marijuana use and dealing, vandalism, stealing, etc. Two of the reports, however, stand out. January 30, 2010 LB Police officers responded to a family disturbance call at Mr. Cook’s residence. “Upon entering the residence, I saw the father, Kenneth C., pinning his son, Ethan Cook, a 13 year-old male, face down on the living room couch. Kenneth was behind Ethan Cook. and he had Ethan Cook 's arms pinned behind his back.” On this occasion, the officer never questioned Ethan Cook independently to determine if the case involved abuse on the part of Kenneth Cook. Instead he interviewed and accepted Mr. Cook’s version of an argument gone out of control. On July 2, 2011 Ethan Cook. had just returned home from Yellowstone Ranch for Boys & Girls (a residential drug treatment facility). An incident report was filed stating that after Ethan Cook had an altercation with other boys in his neighborhood. He accidentally locked himself out of his residence and “was unable to
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