Denial Of Genocide Essay

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Today it is still subject of discussion, that denial of genocide is crime or it is just freedom of expression and has no character which infringes another’s rights, but nowadays legislation more defending position that denial of genocide have to be prevented because it consists elements of crime, also it is clear that in some countries denial of holocaust is prohibited, because this is clear history fact and no one argues about this, on the other side, maybe there are some other circumstances, but the result is that today several countries pass legislation by which they prohibit denial of holocaust and anti-Semitism. here I discuss legislations which are in different countries. Germany: The 1994 law (amendment or Article130) states that…show more content…
This is an amendment to a law from 1881 that related to freedom of the press. This law prohibits denying the holocaust (Article 24b, la Loi gayssot) another law adopted in 2003 sets punishment for offenses against an anti-Semitic or racist background (Law no. 2003-88 of February 2003) In addition, in 2003 the French government established a permanent inter-ministerial commission to coordinate the activities of the government in combating anti-Semitism and racism, which discusses, inter-alia, possible legislative measures on the subject BELGIUM: A law against denying the holocaust exist in Belgium since 1995. According to the law, denying the Holocaust and being contemptuous of it are criminal offenses subject to imprisonment for from eight days to one year and a fine of 26 to5.000 Belgian francs “Law of Holocaust Denial” of march 1995 Article1: Whoever in one of the circumstances indicated by article 444 of the penal code, denies, grossly minimizes, tries to justify or approves of the genocide committed by the German National-Socialist regime during the Second World War will be punished by imprisonment of eight days to one year and fine of twenty-six to five thousand
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