Denials And The Affordable Care Act

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Denials to the Affordable Care Act Eric Cabus American University of Health Sciences Denials to the Affordable Care Act The primary purpose of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is to improve both access and quality of health insurers with reformed payment strategies, and coverage expansion (McMelland et al., 2014). The act was designed to provide better insurance coverage to low-income American citizens, which also include undocumented immigrants. Currently, undocumented immigrants are excluded from the ACA, and there has been some debate whether or not to include this specific group. They should be denied ACA benefits because of the overcrowding of healthcare facilities, already being covered by government healthcare aids, and placing additional financial burdens on the American economy. Overcrowding of Healthcare Facilities Undocumented immigrants should not be included in the ACA because it will lead to an increase of overcrowding in healthcare facilities. Admittance availability at healthcare facilities is limited due to the closure of hospitals and insufficient amounts of available beds. According to Maurio & Corzine (2013), the number of hospitals in California has decreased by 5%, while state population has expanded by 8%. A patient’s waiting period to see a physician in healthcare facilities care can take hours. The average waiting period in most emergency departments is eight hours and 17 minutes per person (Lin, 2010). With the current average
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