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10 ways to wear the denim jacket
Rescued from our high school years, the denim jacket is unbreakable. Year after year, she follows us without ever "tacking". The older it is, the more we love it. Whatever its style, its morphology , its age and its tastes, it adapts to almost everything . But to avoid the "return to college" effect, follow our advice to find the right model and how to wear it.

Version rock : exit denims too washed out, raw materials raw, frankly indigo blues, even black denims. The best ? A model close to the body, worn the collar slightly raised and associated with a black slim - or a mini skirt in leather - and a pair of studded boots that makes noise - or a pair of santiags. And under the jacket? A tee-shirt with the image of his favorite rock band!

Retro version : it is chosen
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It works with all jackets. And it's especially effective, for example, to break the bohemian look of a long flowery dress.

Romantic version : nothing like a ruffle pattern to give a wild blue flower look to any denim jacket . Slipped on a Furstenberg Diane wrap dress and derbys or sandals pavement, it's a total look as easy to take to the office as in the evening.

Junior version : the latest fashion blogger / instragrameuses and influential? Choose a loose-fitting jacket and wear it tied at the waist. Needless to say, this look is reserved for very, very young (do not pout if you see your teenager leave to the lycée so dressed) ... or very, very fashionable.

Chic version : a denim jacket on a red carpet? Yes it's possible. It is perfect for relaxing a ceremony outfit if you choose a basic model (not too short, too loose or too washed out). Try the lurex and denim wedding, and you'll see how easy it is to take on everyday shiny outfits!

Summer version : go on bleached and faded canvases or pastel colors. Well also: white denim. We wear it to the cool with our outfits of beaches, shorts and flip
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