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Jeans care at home stipulate There is no need to clarify the fashion appeal of denim jeans in the fashion world. Jeans are now a very popular article of casual dressing around the world. Denim has been used in America since the late 18th century for making casual wear, uniforms and work clothes. Jeans originally designed for cowboys but after that it became popular among youngsters. The story of jeans begins in the city of Genoa, in Italy. After that the French city of Nimes, weavers tried to reproduce the fabric exactly, but without success. However, after long trialing, they developed another twill fabric that became known as denim. The word 'denim' comes from the name of a strapping fabric called serge, originally made in Nîmes, France, by the André…show more content…
Jeans appeal is inevitable to all men and women as daily wearer. I know you can purchase cheap jeans but personally I always prefer to buy superior quality cause I know you never feel in the right pair of fantastic designer jeans – so worth the money!! No jeans live forever, as they are worn regularly and in a rougher way than any other wearers. No other cotton fabric goes through the same treatment as a pair of jeans that are worn almost every day. Even, though jeans are made of tightly cotton twill woven fabric. Please gather information about caring instruction of jeans. Now most of jeans are available in shopping mall are stone washed what decreased the chance of discoloring of your beloved jeans. But it could be discolored due to washing deviation. “Many of us soak the jeans dress under water with detergent for one and half hours or more. As a result jeans cloth could lose its color. Don’t soak any dress more than 15-20 minutes under water.” It would be better if we read attached care label instruction before jeans wash. To keep your denim investment, some tips may help you to keep them looking like new for long time and you can enjoy them again and

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