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Denim jeans were originally created for the workers in the 18th century. The original idea behind the jean was to offer protection to the plantation workers. The jean material was extremely strong and worked as a means to protect the workers bodies from harm. The jeans were a deep indigo in color and worked well due to the fact that because the color was so dark, the jeans did not fade quickly. As jeans made their way through the eras of the western times, World War 2, the rebel stage and the hippie genre, jeans finally made their way to the 80s. The 80’s was the decade that took jeans to not only the designer level, but also to the grunge level. The 80s jean look was very rocker-esque; some might even call it the gothic look. Ripped…show more content…
Looking at the lifestyle that is currently going on right now says it all. The “Recession Chic” trend follows the lifestyle attributes of most people right now. People who do not have a lot of money feel as though they can keep being fashionable even though they might be making half of the salary they were making before. Forecasting analysis also donates that color is looked at. When searching for data I saw a lot of bright colors. The first thing on display in Marshalls when you walk in the door is a rack of brightly colored clothing and accessories. I saw these bright colors on bathing suits as well; in Puerto Rico and in the New England. However, while doing my data I found patterns in color preference to be a lot different. When people thing of a recession they think dark and deep. Although the bright colors are out there, that is not what most people are wearing. Bright colors tend to scare people in a time like this. So, instead, they stick with neutral colors such as white, blue, grey, brown and especially black. These colors were seen many times at numerous award nights. These predominant colors played an important role in the “Recession Chic” trend. The most common colors I saw out there in ripped denim was the classic blues. However, white denim is a close call in people are finally starting to figure out how to where it and by next year will hopefully understand one of the many These are also white ripped jeans

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