Denman Response Essay

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The Denman is an undergraduate research forum that is now in their 21st year. This program allows undergraduate students to demonstrate their research on topics that are related to their major for people of the Columbus area to see. This was my first time attending this type of event and I found it extremely informative. I think it was a great opportunity to learn about topics that aren’t related to my major. This was also a great place to get an idea for the future when it comes to creating a research presentation. I attended three presentations that included the following topics: Vitamin D and Birth Outcomes in Pregnancy, The Role of Ultra Violet Light in Individual Intersections in a Social Cichlids, and No Safety in Trees. “The Vitamin D and Birth Outcomes in Pregnancy” and the presenter was Kristen A Sawka. This topic was one I would have never thought about before attending the Denman. The student explained her research in a non-scientific way so that I could better understand the information that was being presented to me. That was one part of the Denman that I enjoyed because you didn’t have to be an expert on…show more content…
The presenter then went on to say that 70% of women who are at an age where there reproductive system still works properly are deficient in vitamin D. She then talked to me about how this was linked to greater maternal weight. Women who were lacking in Vitamin D would have a much higher chance having Caesarean compared to a woman who was not overweight and was sufficient in vitamin D. Kristen A Sawka pointed out in her conclusion that early pregnancy weight was correlated with having lower vitamin D and that nutritional counseling was important to promote optimal weight and vitamin D levels before and during pregnancy may promote ideal pregnancy outcomes. In other words she is saying the two topics are linked. After listening to this presentation I found the
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