Dennis Foon's 'Liars'

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In the play “Liar's” the author, Dennis Foon didn’t focus on the typical happy ending. Although happy endings are not always how reality and fiction ends, the ending for “Liars” was not captivating. The play ends off with Lenny and Jase parting ways. The problem with this ending is that it’s repetitive. Lenny leaves during the date telling Jace she needs to help her parents. Jace tells her that it isn’t a good idea but she refuses to believe that it’s a bad idea, so she leaves. She comes back after a while asking again for help. He refuses to help her even though when she leaves he feels like stopping her. The ending did not grab my attention. It ruined the whole play. Scene 10 made me want to keep reading, it captured my attention. When I
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