Dennis Hightower And Leading Change At Disney Europe

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Dennis Hightower and Leading Change at Disney Europe M. R. Trimnal III Liberty University BMAL 504- Leading Organizational Change Evaluating the pacing and sequence of Hightower’s actions from 1988 to 1994. Mr. Hightower began quickly asserting the control he garnered with the newly created position and division of Disney Consumer Products-Europe and the Middle East (DCP-EME.) Mr. Hightower immediately centralized the office and many responsibilities to Burbank, and estasblished marketing and creative services divisions to offer the coordination of resources and activities of the diffeferent countries and licensees (Jick, T. & Peiperl, M., 2011.) Given a goal of twenty percent growth annually, Mr. Hightower immediately establishing and maintaining the alignment necessary for this goal to be met (Box, S. & Platts, K, 2005.) This intentional, determined pace of implementing his vision, allowed not only goals to be met, but to be exceeded, including a growth in retail value of almost 3 billion dollars in 5 years. Evaluating his approach to bringing about change in his organization. Comparing his approach with that of Jack Welch. While I obviously cannot question the results Mr. Hightower produced, I do have some uneasiness with his slash and burn style of cost cutting. Mr. Hightower’s restructuring, centralization, and consolidation costs employees their jobs, as well as his first two mega-deals eliminated approximately 125 deals with local licencees. While I
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