Dennis Hightower Essay

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Dennis Hightower, as head of Russell Reynolds’ Los Angeles office, was assigned to the position of finding a person fit to be the vice-president of Disney Consumer Products-Europe. When they had narrowed the search down to six candidates, it had been decided that Hightower was the best candidate for the position (Jick & Peiperl, 2011). Hightower was concerned about taking this position because the country managers had shared their views with him and he felt it would be uncomfortable to go back as their boss. Hightower was told that Boyd has spoken to three of the senior-most country managers, and they approved of Hightower as vice-president.
Hightower’s Actions from ’88 to ‘94 In July 1988, Hightower decided to move into the publishing business. He felt it was the right time for Disney to take greater responsibility and risk (Jick & Peiperl, 2011). In 1988, Hightower also made a change to where the managers were to focus on the revenue-production side of their business. He moved the “back office” side of the business to the regional office. He established two new divisions: marketing and
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In 1988, he made three very huge changes. He took Disney into the publishing business, moved the “back office” to the regional office, and contracts and deals were being handled in the regional office, and then he started the “mega-deals”. All three of these were huge changes, and fortunately with the way he managed the changes, all were successful. If he had not managed the way he did, some of these changes could have been huge failures. Jack Welch made several major changes, just as Dennis Hightower did however he spread his changes over a five-year period. One big difference between these two men was that Jack Welch eliminated 112,000 positions within GE, which Hightower did not do. Welch did major restructuring within the company while Hightower found ways to bring in more
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