Dennis Rader - BTK

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Abstract This research paper is about Dennis Lynn Rader, also known as the BTK Killer. He haunted the city of Wichita, Kansas for nearly thirty years, from his first killing of the Otero family in 1974 until his arrest in February of 2005. Ten people became his victims and throughout his “career” as serial killer he taunted the police with letters. You will learn about his upbringing, his methods to kill, his modus operandi, his victims and how he eventually got arrested. Dennis L. Rader, BTK This paper is about Dennis Lynn Rader, a serial killer who haunted the city of Wichita, Kansas for about 30 years, beginning in 1974 with his first murder until his capture in February 2005. It’s about his upbringing, his life, his…show more content…
He strangled and suffocated him and sat down in a chair to watch him die. Last but not least it was Josie’s turn. His first attempt of strangling her failed, so he forced her to walk downstairs in the basement. There he put a noose around her neck and hanged her from a pipe, leaving her partially undressed. He masturbated on her bare legs, leaving semen behind. After cleaning up the house a little bit he took the family’s car and drove it to a nearby supermarket. What Rader didn’t know is that the Oteros had three older children, who had already left the house that morning. Charlie, Daniel and Carmen were the ones that found their parents dead that afternoon. Rader’s next victim was Kathryn Bright. He broke into her home and hid in the bedroom waiting for her to return home. Again something went wrong for Rader, and Bright returned home, accompanied by her younger brother Kevin. He surprised them and using his gun he forced Kevin to tie up his sister. Then he took Kevin in another room, trying to tie him up with material found in the home. Kevin got loose and Rader shot him twice in the head. Thinking Kevin was dead, Rader went on to work on Kathryn. She resisted heavily and instead of strangling her, he ended up stabbing her multiple times. During that time Kevin, who wasn’t dead, fled the house and called for help. Rader was forced to leave the scene quickly, ran to his car, and drove off. Kathryn died in the
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