Dennis Rodman ‘The Worm’ is Hailed as One of the Most Controversial Atheletes

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Hailed as one of the most controversial athletes of all time Dennis Rodman has overcome many obstacles in his life. Take a look into the background, article analysis, and impact/importance that has made Dennis Rodman the man he is today. Not everyone is fortunate to have a privileged childhood; Dennis Rodman was one of the unfortunate ones. However, his background shows that being one of the unfortunates turns into one of the fortunate. Denis Rodman was born May 13, 1961, in Trenton, New Jersey but he mostly spent most of his life in Dallas’s infamous Oak Cliff housing projects. In his early life, his father Philander Rodman abandoned him and his family when he was five. His mother Shirley Rodman moved the family to Dallas where she struggled to keep her children fed and clothed. She took almost any odd job that came her way to make ends meet. The sibling of many brothers and sisters, Rodman grew up not knowing for sure how many there were. According to Rodman’s father, he has either 26 or 28 siblings that he knew of from four different women, however; Rodman himself has stated that he is the oldest of 47 Children. An impressive number considering a lot of men will not have sex with 47 woman in their lifetime In his earlier years, Rodman was not that athletic or outgoing, he was only 5’6 for most of high school and he was cut from the football team, later he quit the basketball team because he was not getting that much playing time. After graduating from high school in

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