Density Lab Report

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LAB ACTIVITY 1 MEASUREMENTS IN SCIENCE: MASS, VOLUME, AND DENSITY Purpose: The purpose of this experiment is find the density of two metals using their mass and volume. Introduction: The purpose of the experiment that was conducted was to measure and calculate the density of two different metals. Density is an important characteristic of a material. The density of an object shows how much mass is contained in the unit volume. To calculate the density of metals the experimenters had to find out the mass and volume of each and then use the following formula: d=m/V. M or mass is the amount of matter that an object contains and it can be measured using a balance. The V or volume of an object represents the space that an object occupies.…show more content…
The volumes of the two metals that were given were very similar, 19ml and 18ml for Copper and Aluminous respectively. Their masses in the other had are very different, the copper had a mass of 160.5g and aluminous 47.6g. Since their volumes are similar but their masses are different this must mean that their densities differ. As shown above this is true, Copper that has a higher
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