Dental Care In Canada Essay

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In Canada, each province provides some form of oral health coverage, however, they frequently cover children, seniors, immigrants and refugees8. Therefore, leaving the rest of the population to provide their own dental needs. The oral health care coverage at the provincial levels varies significantly and is neither comprehensive nor universal (refer to Appendix B). The crucial gaps and lack of service standards across the Canada can be attributed to lack of clear oral health policy and the nature of the Canadian governance, health care is largely the responsibility of provincial level.3
British Columbia, Manitoba, and New Brunswick are the only provinces which lack special children programs.8 Persons with disabilities have oral health care coverage in the following provinces: Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and New Brunswick8. “Alberta and the Northwest Territories offer programs for seniors (with a maximum income requirement). Prince Edward Island is the only province or territory with a long-term care facility program. Finally, school-based programs are provided in the Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Ontario, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, and northern Saskatchewan with most of the programs
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Dental care is delivered through the partnership between National Health System (NHS) dentists and private dentists. 14 Public dentists are paid a set amount per item of care, in addition to small capitation fee.15 Negotiation between the British Dental Association and the UK’s Department of health, determine the fee scale.14 Attempts by the Government to reduce payment fees to those NHS dentists have resulted in many withdrawing their service and going to private practice which is more profitable, as well as, give preference to individuals with private insurance over public insurance.15 Due to Government strict financial limits, dentists are not encouraged to remain in the public
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