Dental Care Is Costly . Many Young Children Are Going Without

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Dental Care is Costly Many young children are going without their teeth being seen by a dentist nevertheless, they are not being took care of. Why is this? Research shows this is due to the high cost of dental work. Families skip out on seeing the dentists because of the high cost, leaving them with painful aches and rotting teeth. There has been a major increase in dental related emergencies. The fact is the Number of visits to the ER for dental related issues are increasing more rapidly as well as painful decay, disease, and infections. In fact, dental issues are one of the top reasons for visiting the emergency room. It is simple, one who struggles to afford the cost, lives with the pain and discomfort of tooth decay and gum disease.…show more content…
People are going against dental insurance simply because it hardly covers little to any of the cost. When patients see how much dental work costs, they automatically skip out and just deal with the pain or decay of a tooth. Dental insurance comes with a high cost and is said to cover little of the dental costs. This is one of the main problems facing the dental field. Three out of four dental offices do not accept care systems such as Medicaid, Apple heath, and any other government funded insurance (Clark). Apple health and Medicaid is essentially an insurance giving full coverage to kids and adults in need. Citizens whom have one of these types of insurance have a troubling time finding a dental clinic within distance which accepts their insurance. Many dentists are reluctant and unwilling to accept this type of insurance because government funded programs such as these pay as little as half of what they get from other patients. For example, “Medicaid in Colorado pays $87 for a filling on a back tooth and $435 for a crown, compared to the $150 and $800 that private patients typically pay” (Galewitz). We tend to see bigger dental clinics accepting this type of insurance, but within those clinics we tend to see overcrowding and rushing. This happens because Americans have no other place to get dental care done but in clinics like these which accept their insurance therefore, there are many
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