Dental Clinic Reservation System

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Table of figures |7 |Figure 2.1 Context Diagram | |9 |Figure 2.2 Parent Diagram | |12 |Figure 2.3 Child diagram, process 1 | |14 |Figure 2.4 Child diagram, process 2 | |15 |Figure 2.5 Child diagram, process 3 | |18 |Figure 2.6…show more content…
It is used by the patients and doctors and a few operational and financial staff members who manage the appointments and the billing system in the clinic. 1.2 Problem Definition: Many problems arise while dealing with a manual reservation system, preventing the satisfaction and reducing the efficiency of the process • The system provides doctors the ability to confirm the most suitable appointments for them with patients to reduce redundancy. • Making appointments and opening new patient files manually is time consuming and is exposed to miscommunication issues, loss of files, and errors in entering data; the system provides the patients the ability to open a medical file online by filling up the registration form and making reservations at home, without the inconvenience of going to the clinic. • Staff expenses including the costs of correcting human errors such as, misallocation of vital resources or money are reduced by automating the reservation process and managing the billing system. 1.3 Objective: • Create a system that will reduce the time consumed and error in the reservation process. • Create a system that will reduce the operational cost of the company. • Create a system that will ease the reservation process by making it possible from any place where the access to the Internet is provided. •

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