Dental Emergencies At Oregon Smile Care Center

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Treating Dental Emergencies In Salem, OR

The only reason that we can operate at Oregon Smile Care Center are you and our patients. That is why when you run into a dental emergency, we want to always be there for you no matter what time it may be. When a dental emergency happens in your life, you can call Dr. Hanson and he will always call you back to determine how serious your dental emergency is. If we deem it to be a true emergency Dr. Hanson, and his staff will meet you at their comfortable office to remedy the problem and ease your pain. Even if it’s not deemed an emergency, Dr. Hanson will always call you back with helpful advice because he cares about you!

Everyone has heard the terrible stories about someone having an emergency and having to go to the emergency room. You may have even experienced this yourself! When you get to the emergency room, you are ushered into a dreary, cold, uncomfortable waiting room where you’ll be forced to wait for hours on end while your emergency is left untreated. At Oregon Smile Care Center, we know about this unfortunate occurrence, and that is why Dr. Hanson makes it a point to treat your dental emergency right away! When your dental emergency arises, we’ll always be there for you!

We have a number for you to call that will prompt immediate action from Dr. Hanson and his staff. We want to be available to you during all hours of the day, every day! When you contact us, we will first speak on the phone to determine your level of…
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