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Marketing Dental Floss Flossing: A new secret to good health? Introduction: Dental floss is one of those products we never notice on the shelves in the stores and never pay too much attention to in our bathroom. At the same time for many people it is a part of the “before going to bed” ritual along with brushing teeth, taking shower, etc. and etc. Those who don’t use it on regular basis still have it in their bathrooms, because: 1.     A mouth hygiene care item in regards to which everybody wants to be unlike everybody and thus follows the traditional patterns. It’s the way it is for years – dental floss regular item in a regular bathroom picked up at a regular store right next to toothbrush and toothpaste.…show more content…
A slip can cut the gum and raise the risk of infection. Just about everything seems more important to a child than good dental habits so unless the parent is going to stand over their child's shoulder every morning there is a good chance that there are regimen lapses either in flossing or brushing that the parent is not aware of. How to get to the new growth stage? Wise marketing programs should be developed and implemented respectively. To do this, a marketer should clearly understand behavioral specialities of the target audience, and then use those to identify present problems and work out ways to cure those. Behavioral aspects connected with the product should be carefully treated and considered, such as: ·     Low Involvement a very routine and very lightly differentiated product from the customer’s perspective, brands are either not distinguished or following the choice on primary tooth care belongings like tooth paste and/or tooth brush (for example many people use Oral B) •     Consideration Set of categories Toothbrush is perceived to be the primary tooth care item and dental floss is getting the “leftovers” •     Perception A tooth care activity that can be skipped, at least as a regular, and everyday one •     Brand Association A message to be emphasized in different ways - cool kid with white teeth and good
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