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1-A (archive) is a file that can contain hundreds of other files saved in a special format
2-A utility program that makes a peripheral device function correctly is a (driver)
3-A file manager utility program allows you to perform all of the following EXCEPT (create a backup file of the entire contents of your computer disk for emergency purposes)
4-A (full) backup includes all the files and data on the hard disk
5-A boot disk (provides a way to troubleshoot computer start-up problems)
6-A (driver) is a program that contains information about a specific device and how the operating system communicates with it
7-A disk cleanup utility will search for and delete unusable files along with any files in the recycle pin (√)
8-A disadvantage of
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system was created)
36-Disk defragmentation programs are utility programs used to organized the disk empty sectors are eliminated (√)
37-Fragmentation speeds up disk access and thus the performance of the entire computer (X)
38-Fragmentation slows disk access and the performance of the entire computer (√)
39-In a multitasking environment many programs run in the foreground while one program remains in the background (X)
40-In addition to being stand-alone operating system UNIX also is a server operating system (√)
41-In virtual memory, programs instructions and data are divide into units of fixed size called (pages)
42-If you attach a new device to a computer its driver must be installed before you can use the device (√)
43-If one running application invades another application memory space one or both will (both will become un stable and crash)
44-if two devices are configured to use same IRQ…the result is a failure called(IRQ conflict)
45-It is important to defragment your computer disk because fragmented files (reduce the speed of disk access)
46-Icons are used in a (graphical user) interface
47-Input and output devices communicate with the central processing unit (CPU) through the use of (interrupt request lines)
48-Linux is an example of open source software, meaning (users can see and modify the source programming code)
49-Microsoft windows server 2008 is designed to support what type of computing in a corporate environment (client/server)
50-Microsoft provides an

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