Dental Public Health Programs At The United States

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Dental public health programs in the United States operate on federal, state, or local levels. The roles and responsibilities of these programs are directly related to the level of which the program operates. Both similarities and differences can be seen when comparing dental public health programs with regard to organization, financing and delivery of care. Despite differences in the levels in which different dental public health programs operate, all of the programs share a common, generalized goal of improving the oral health status of the public. At the federal level, dental care is impacted through research, development and implementation of various programs, providing funding for care, as well as providing clinical care for…show more content…
At the state level, dental care is affected through development and implementation of programs and policies, administration of federal programs, and providing direct clinical care (Smith, 2013). These actions are carried out both by the government sector, as well as nonprofit organizations and primary care associations. Dental care at a local level is impacted in many of the same ways as it is at the state level; however, there is a greater capacity for direct clinical care to be provided at the local level. Additionally, Federally Qualified Health Centers, dental schools and dental hygiene schools are also components of the dental public health system at a local level that can provide clinical care to community members (Smith, 2013).
The financing of federal dental public health programs comes directly the federal government. The funding that is provided by the federal government to the HHS is then distributed amongst its divisions where it can then dispersed for the implementation of the dental public health organizations (HHS, Budget). Some of the funds are directly used by the federal agencies; however, some of the funds are used by state agencies to administer and oversee federal programs. Additionally, the nonprofit organizations that operate at a federal level receive considerable funding through donations and grants. The
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