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From Dental Scaling to Root Planning, a Dentist in Lombard IL is your Best Bet

Dental plaque refers to the sticky substance that accumulates around your teeth, gathering carbohydrates and starch if not checked on time. It is a potent mix of food debris, bacterium waste, and bacteria that can result in gum irritation and swelling. When left unchecked, plaque gets harder, resulting in formation of tartar or calculus. Tartar is basically a mineralized version of plaque and cannot be removed through conventional means such as brushing or flossing. In such a scenario, visiting a dentist is indispensable, and a dentist in Lombard IL is your best bet when it comes to getting rid of plaque because these dentists are extremely competent when it comes
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Plaque has a tendency to accumulate around the roots of your teeth, getting easily stuck in the crevices and space between teeth. One way of identifying plaque is chewing colored tablets. The color will eventually get stuck on the tooth, thus effectively highlighting the affected regions. You must visit Lombard dentists for periodic scaling, which is the best way to get rid of tartar, plaque and tooth stains.

Scaling is also the fundamental procedure for dealing with mild cases of periodontal disease, where the increased amount of deposit of calculus can result in recurrent inflammation.

Scaling and root planning are the most efficient procedures to effectively counter the spread during initial stages. However, for extremely severe cases, oral surgery may become indispensable. A visit to a dentist in Lombard IL will surely get to the root of the problem with a successful diagnosis and highly advanced treatment.

The process of root planning involves thorough root scaling; hence, this procedure is termed as deep cleaning. In this procedure, the dentist gets rid of bacteria-affected cementum, which is the surface layer of the root that assists in keeping the attachment tissue intact. The fundamental idea is to eliminate the toxic bacteria and microorganisms that cause inflammation and stopping the disease from eventually
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