Dentist Career Essay

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Dentist Career

Dentistry is a career in healthcare that works in the mouth. Dentists are trained to diagnose, prevent, and treat various problems associated with teeth and mouth tissue. It is the job of the dentist to be fully aware of different types of dental problems and be able to recognize those problems through analyzing x-rays, as well as visual variation between individual mouths. The primary focus of dental care is to teach prevention to its patients of how to prevent gum disease, tooth loss, etc. It is the job of the dentist to closely monitor the mouth using various instruments and to properly suggest treatment depending on the diagnosis.

All dentists go through at least eight years of schooling after high school and earn
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Dentistry is broken down into several fields of specialization.
Orthodontics deals with the straightening of the teeth and perfecting the bite.
Periodontics deals with gum disease and bone loss. Endodontics which specializes in root canals. Oral and maxillofacial surgery which deals with larger surgeries of the mouth and jaw. prosthodontics which specializes in replacing missing teeth with permanent fixtures, and pediodontics which specializes in children’s dentistry.

Once out of school, dentists will often shadow a dentist already in practice. Whether this means becoming a partner in the practice or just learning the tricks of the trade, it is not uncommon for an already practicing dentist to become a mentor to a recent graduate. For those recent graduates that are not ready to open their own practice, healthcare networks often offer dental jobs in smaller cities and the Air Force offers dental jobs all over the United States.

It was discovered that dentists generally work on an average of four to five days a week. Dentists work considerably more hours when their practice is newly developing.
Almost all dentists work in a private dental practice with a small number of staff including hygienists, assistants, and front office personnel. Dentists are expected to provide insurance and benefits to all of their employees. In the year 2002 dentists held about 152,000 jobs . This number continues to increase as the demand for dental care

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