Dentist Gap Year Essay

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The career that I am currently interested in researching about is Dentistry, specifically the career path to become a general dentist. I am pursuing a bachelor of science in Kinesiology, with a minor in Biological Sciences. This combination of courses allows me to take the prerequisites required to apply to dental school. Before beginning the application process, I am required to take the Dental Admission Test, a timed multiple-choice exam conducted by the American Dental Association. I am currently in my junior year and will take the DAT in August of 2017. Performing well on the DAT is an important factor in the dental school application process and I plan to explore the most effective, cost efficient way to study for the test. I also plan to explore the gap year I will take before beginning dental school, along with the financial aspects of dental school and owning a general practice. The first part of the research I plan to conduct is what it entails to get a score that is above average on the DAT. My GPA is below the average and I need to score a 20-21 on the DAT in order increase my chance of acceptance. Although I am familiar with each of the sections…show more content…
This research is precautionary given that I skip an application cycle or I am not accepted on the first time I apply. The “gap year” is typically taken by a student as a break between secondary school and higher education. This topic is worth researching because I want to take the most beneficial steps within that year from school to get accepted the next cycle. I am fairly prepared to take the gap year since the odds of getting accepted into dental school are slim for first time applicants. I have found several sources to give me insight on the gap year, including ____________. My goal for this area of research is to learn about my options for what I can do in the gap year, and what will benefit me and my next application the
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