Dentistry And Cosmetic Tooth Crowns

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Cosmetic dentistry gives countless people the opportunity to renew their smiles and rekindle their confidence. If you're looking for a cosmetic dentist near Hot Springs, AR, Baldwin Dentistry wants you to know that their lead dentist, Dr. Baldwin, has over 33 years of experience, and that some of his specialties include cosmetic crowns and tooth fillings.

Why Get Tooth Crowns or Fillings?

Tooth Crowns: Cosmetic tooth crowns add extra width or length to misshapen teeth, and mask discolorations. They also protect broken teeth from cracking.

Cosmetic Tooth Fillings: Cosmetic tooth fillings are often used to replace silver amalgam fillings, as they look a lot more natural.

Steps for Getting Tooth Crowns:

Preparation: Your cosmetic dentist
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