Dentistry And Its Opportunities : Dentistry Essay

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Tyler VanderVorste
Mrs. McDaniel
English 12, period 4
30 September 2016
Dentistry and its Opportunities Dentistry is a very important occupation in this society. Dentists are used in many ways to help keep people healthy. Dentists are not always fun to go to, but everyone should be going. It takes hard work to become a dentist. Dentistry requires a specific education, and it involves many tasks.
Egyptian skulls that have evidence of small holes in the jaw that are in the same place as a tooths roots are dating from 2900 to 2750 bce (Dorfman 1). They are believed to have been drilled into to drain sores in the mouth (Dorfman 1). Dental treatment has been found in Egyptian scrolls dating back to 1500 bce (Dorfman 1). In 500-300 BC Aristotle and Hippocrates wrote about teeth patterns, treatments for decaying teeth, and the use of wire to stabilize loose teeth (ADA 5). Plenty of partial dentures that contain gold were found in Etruscan tombs dating back to around 500 bce (Dorman 1). The Romans adapted dentistry after conquering the Etruscans (Dorman 1). In the East, Chinese practiced some forms of dentistry as early as 200 bce, they used silver amalgam as fillings (Dorfman 1). In 1200 barbers performed surgeries, tooth extractions, and many other things (ADA 5). Dentistry in the United States started in the 1630s with the settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, they were joined by barber-surgeons (Dorfman 2). English surgeon John Baker, who settled in Boston in 1763,

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