Dentists Can Have A Huge Impact On Their Community And

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Dentists can have a huge impact on their community and the well being of their patients. They can often be the first to notice symptoms of systemic disease as well as signs of abuse. Intentionally inflicted trauma affects all age groups, nationalities and ethnicities. It spans from child abuse, partner violence and abuse/neglect of the elderly. As dentists it is very important to know the signs and symptoms of intentionally inflicted trauma. Domestic violence not only affects the children but the partner in a relationship as well. It is estimated that thirty to sixty percent of all domestic violence effects both children and adults. Victims of severe forms of partner violence are also more likely to have children that are abused…show more content…
Neck trauma can often be from strangulation and up to fifty percent of patients who experienced strangulation will have a symptomatic voice changes as well as swallowing and breathing difficulties (Austin). Child abuse occurs when a child experiences injury, emotional harm, is placed at serious risk or death through the actions of a parent or caregiver. Child abuse runs the gambit from physical abuse, sexual abuse, exploitation, emotional abuse and neglect. Dentists can one of the first health care practitioners to recognize the signs and end the cycle of abuse. According to the National Child Abuse Hotline over 28% of adults experienced physical abuse as a child. The results of physical abuse can range from internal injuries, brain damage, bruising, broken bones, cuts, burns and death ("What is Child Abuse.") . Signs of physical abuse often present as unexplained injuries and injuries that don’t match the given explanation such as bruises, fractures and burns or a high frequency of injuries. Untreated medical and dental problems are also common signs of physical abuse ("Child abuse Symptoms." ). Children experiencing physical abuse might display aggression towards peers, depression, anxiety, self-destructive behavior, and fear of parents or other adults. The parent or caregiver of the child’s might also display signs that they are abusing the child such as can’t or

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