Denton Treatment Services Treats Clients Of Opioid Addictions

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Denton Treatment Services treats clients of opioid addictions in the Denton County area. The area is known to be populated with many types of opioid addictions including heroin, cocaine, cannabis, amphetamines, methamphetamines, etc. Rehabilitation programs offered consist of detoxification, halfway house, Naltrexone (oral), Substance Abuse Treatment, and Vivitrol (Injectable Naltrexone). The treatment center is methadone based which means that they provide an alternative drug to manage withdrawal affects for both short and long term substance management. Methadone is typically used to ease the pain of clients in preventing relapse. Level of care offered are partial hospitalization/day treatment and outpatient day treatment or partial…show more content…
The questions covered a large area of operations for the treatment center and I will discuss the director’s response by paragraph: 1) The director had attended Texas Women’s University, but graduated from Tarleton State University with a BS in Psychology and also has an associates of arts in mental health counseling. She holds certification as a fully licensed counselor, certificate for social work, substance abuse counseling and has an LCDC (Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselor). She previously worked in court ordered counseling and decided later to switch over to opioid treatment due to complicated agency issues. The director is 28 years of age and lives in Denton County. I was surprised when she told me her age because with positions of management for agencies, it is automatically assumed that those positions are occupied with someone who has been in the field for over a decade. The director seemed committed to what their agency provides and continues to advocate for substance/drug addicts. 2) Originally the director’s goal and interest was in occupational therapy working with clients of head injuries. The interest in that field stemmed from being exposed previously as a child from a family members work. In the event of being exposed to that type of work, it aspired the director to want to be a part of that field

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