Essay on Denver Airport Case

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Analysis had shown that the future would see even further growth for the airport. Denver’s’ geographical position was not going to change it was far from other cities meaning air travel was greatly required and Stapleton was ranked 5th busiest airport in the country and growing. Inadequate infrastructure, runways and air traffic control were costing time and money for Denver and connected airports. The new plan would quadruple capacity and efficiency in a phased manner. The new airport would be a strategic driver in growth and development of the Denver economy and surrounding areas if executed well and more importantly planned with precision. From the case it is difficult to see that useful and sound strategic analysis was used, Exhibit I compares statistics from December and April in the same 12 month period so gives no real insight into trends comparing different seasons with different peaks one with a Christmas and April being before the summer season so the relativity is confusing. Exploration of the strategic competences and resources should have highlighted early the airlines’ views, concerns, requirements and issues and the resourced based strategy could have been ironed out at that point. This would or should have showed up issues
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